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The Live Room at NeverImage Studios is simply one of the best sounding studios on the East Coast of the United States and we built it in Ocean County,NJ. The room was built for professional musicians and designed by sonic science. Come hear the difference. Book a rehearsal. Book a recording session. Book a live streaming show. It's all here for you in HD audio and with the best gear you ever played on.

We can't wait to have you make music in our home.

$40.00 for 1 Hour
$70.00 for 2 Hours 

$95.00 for 3 Hours
$120.00 for 4 Hours 


  • Just bring your instruments. Drummers you know the deal, just bring your sticks, snare, and cymbals. We have DW pedals (single and double), and Yamaha single pedals.

  • We rent out cymbals, snares and also sell strings and sticks if you need them before or during rehearsal.

  • Singers you'll be singing into QSC KW153 1000W 15 inch 3-way Powered Speakers and when recording your rehearsal you'll be going through Rupert Neve preamps for that industry standard sound you never had in a rehearsal setting.

  • Guitarists you'll have all the amps that the NeverImage bands use in their sessions and it's all brand new. More amps coming in everyday. Studio is always stocked with Orange and Marshall 100 watt heads and cabinets.

  • Bass Players you'll be playing on an Ampeg Heritage 50th anniversary head through an 800 watt Ampeg SVT-810 . In a bass treated room on this amp you'll finally hear yourself in detail not just rumble.

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