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This is a hybrid recording facility that combines the future with the past. Old school recording and new school recording. The best of analog and digital because to sound good today you must have both.
From Mono, to Stereo, to Surround 5.1,7.1 and to Atmos, we can move your sound into the past or future depending how you want your sound delivered.



Live Studio Recording - $100.00 per song (no more than 1 hour, song audio is raw 32 bit float-96k HD audio with basic even mix)

Audio Mixing - $150.00 per hour

Audio Recording/Engineering
Mixing Package - $1000.00 per 10 hour day

(Set up, Breakdown, 2 meal breaks, are not included in 10 hour recording slot, you get 10 guaranteed hours of work)

  • You get to use professional top of the line gear that we use in our own sessions with NeverImage Entertainment artists.

  • This is a record label's recording studio which is wired with gold Mogami cables running from the live room into Rupert Neve, SSL and API preamps. We use Neumann, Royer, Telefunken, AKG, Rode and Shure mics. 

  • We record through classic Neve and SSL at 44.1khz ,48 khz, 96 khz or 192 khz in 24 or 32 bit float into AVID Protools HD at ZERO latency to utilize the best of the analog and digital world. 

  • The Live Room is sound treated inside and outside the walls to reduce unwanted sounds and frequencies that make it impossible to sound good. This is simply the best sounding room you ever played in. We know that cause we built it for our bands in mind. Come hear the difference.

  • The Live Room here at NeverImage Studios was built in 2022 not 1982. The future is here and we built this for us and for you.

  • For Full Album, EP, Film score, Soundtrack production, Engineering, or Mixing and Mastering, set up a meeting with our staff to create a unique all in budget for your project.

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