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All bookings for rehearsals are paid online only prior to the rehearsal date. In the event of cancellation all rehearsal bookings need to be cancelled 48 hours in advance of scheduled time or you will be charged for full time.
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Music Rehearsal - $40.00 per hour

 $70.00 for 2 hours

 $100 for 3 hours

$125 for 4 hours

(Any Cancellations must be done 48 hours prior to rehearsal or full rehearsal charge is NON REFUNDABLE)
(All rehearsals must be booked and paid for online or in person 48 hours before scheduled rehearsal time)

There are NO WALK IN DAY OF Rehearsal bookings

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Logo Design - $100.00 (Unlimited design time until you select the logo of choice, we'll even throw in a few runner up design at no extra cost if you can't pick 1)

Creative Consulting - $ 125.00 per hour (Sit down with an executive and get some ideas on how you can improve your music, band, film or music career)

film and video Nistudios.jpg

Film and Video Production - Prices vary due to size of production and the work involved.

Schedule a meeting with our creative staff to find out what fits your budget and what type of production your project needs.

Recording studio NIstudios.jpg

Live Studio Recording -  $100.00 per song

(no more than 1 hour)

 Song audio is raw 32 bit float-96k full HD audio with basic even mix

 Audio Mixing - $150.00 per hour 

Audio Recording/Engineering/Mixing

Package-$1000.00 per 10 hour day

Set up, Breakdown, 2 meal breaks, and any Technical difficulties with studio equipment are not included in 10 hour recording slot, you get 10 full hours of work.

We know our mics, pres, board and rooms well so we waste no time. We'll have your sounds done by the time you're done warming up.

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