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So you have a band, a song, a film or want to start a business but have no idea what to do next.. we can help.

Launching a new business idea or a creative career is easier now than it's ever been but you should make sure you're taking the right steps. 

Worldwide distribution, publishing, copywrites, streaming or just getting the old band back together in we can help.


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Creative Design

Everything you do creative or business wise starts with a logo. The right tone, texture and color matter so much in the communication of your idea to everyone.

We can design your logo so it makes sense and ties everything in creatively across all of your platforms

We can even make a video logo to include on or in all of your videos and social media posts.

Creative Consulting

The consulting starts with a free 15 min phone conference call to even decide if your project or idea needs any help or if we can provide our expertise. After that phone conference call if we decide to work with each other, we'll put together a strategy for you and your endeavor. 

We will be brutally honest in our assessment and provide a pathway to getting your idea off the ground.

With our advice and suggestions you can forge ahead knowing you're taking the right steps. The rest is up to you. Hard work, discipline, education, monetary responsibility and positivity is all you'll need to get off the ground and start living out your passion.

The music business is as lucrative as ever. Time to be your own boss. Call and ask for the Creative Consulting department and we can start there.

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