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Directed and Edited by Chris Dinardo

Produced by NeverImage Entertainment

Filmed in Los Angeles, California

Music Video Production

Don't let anyone but musicians who are film geeks do your music video. Whether it's us or some other company, make sure you follow that rule.

Where the clip drops, where the music hits, when to fast edit, when to slow edit and when to emphasis the music... Your Production staff means Everything.

We can work with your budget to make the best music video possible. Schedule a meeting today and see if we're the right production company for you.

Motion Picture and Film Production

Starting in 2024 NeverImage Entertainment will begin  production on our first full legth Motion Picture Film

All casting, production meetings and rehearsals will be held exclusively at NeverImage Studios

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Video and Film Editing

Video Editing - $125.00 per hour


You simply won't find a better editor for any of your video needs. We love to edit so any video you need done please bring it to us. We can make your video make more sense, make it flow better and get rid of terrible shots that an amateur editor left in your video.


Internet and TV

It's your business and it's needs to be top shelf professional in appearance and effectiveness.

We will work with any budget you have to make an incredible commercial or business video that can be shown on Television or any place on the internet. We film and produce in broadcast quality which will meet all industry standards.

Live Studio Music Video 

  • $400.00 per song (No more than 1 hour, song audio is raw with basic even mix and basic HD edit)

  • We only use high end Canon and RED cameras and Canon lenses that assure anything we film or broadcast will look way better than consumer grade video, phone cameras or "wedding guy" video style. We're trained in film and the quality of our work reflects that. 


Band, Artist, or Business

Your journey is a story. Your band is a story. Your business is your story. We can help you tell it. We'll write a documentary style video, film or series that lets your clients, friends and fans know how and why it all goes down.

We will work within your budget. You get an amazing creative team telling your story.

Delivered in Broadcast Standard, HDV, 4K and 8K

48 k audio, HD Audio or Surround Sound  

NeverImage Original logo.png
NeverImage Original logo BLK Transparent.png
NeverImage Original logo BLK Transparent.png

EPK Interview Video

Video Press Kit -$975.00 5 to 17 min in length (complete with perfomance, interview, inserted songs from the musical artist or band, fully edited)

Live Streaming Video Concert

4k, No latency, perfectly mixed HD audio, streaming at the highest bit rate possible.Up to 8, 4k and HD cameras being broadcasted from our TV/Video production control room out to the internet and any broadcast system available.

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